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Our brand “Vickers” pays tribute to the first aircraft capable of making a transatlantic flight in 1919. This Vickers non-stop flight from North America to the Irish Coast achieved, not only to become a milestone in aviation history but also the beginning of a new age. A new age where the distance would not be a barrier, where the continents would hit it of immediately and thus the people as well. People would benefit of the ideas flow, goods and human and technical advance at that time unknown. Likewise, our brand philosophy merges in a single concept, the best American casual fashion with the latest European casual trends. The sum of both worlds lead to a well-balanced, update and casual but no lacks elegance style for those who do not to renounce the classicistic spirit but, nevertheless, feeling free and fully updated. The result is Vickers 1919: a dynamic and cosmopolitan brand designed for you.